Eating Out

Life seems to have become monotonous both for you and for the other members of your family. It seems that there is no escaping from it. Both you and your husband return home from office and the monotony starts. You go to the kitchen to prepare food, while your husband sits down to review the pending bills and determine how and when to pay them. It is the same for your kids too when they return home from school. The life of your family is following the proverbial Jack who used to work all day without playing. Can you remember the last time all of you sat together and enjoyed dinner? Chances are doubtful that you have. It is time for you break the dull routine by dining out every now and then in one of the numerous portrush restaurants. Some of the popular ones include

Ocho Tapas Bistro

Harbour Bar

The Tides

Adelphi Bistro

Cafe Koko


Extra information about portrush restaurants

Advantage of eating outdoors

The primary advantage of eating in Portrush restaurants is that you get relief from your daily routine and get time to chill out. Apart from this, many of them offer Mediterranean, Spanish, European, and Irish food apart from the typical British fare. Take a break from meat and fish and try out popular vegetarian food offered by a few of them? Since the majority of them have pubs, you can enjoy drinks after dinner too. If this sounds tempting, what about enjoying quality time after dinner at one of the three sandy beaches this seaside resort town in Antrim County, Northern Ireland is famous for. To enjoy your sojourn, ensure that you go to this place during the weekend, so that you can enjoy the serenity of the beaches until late at night before you return home.

Enjoy a get together

You can rest assured that you and the members of your family will enjoy the quality time spent in Portrush restaurants. After ages, you all have the time to enjoy dinner without any worries of completing other chores. In fact, this trip increases the bond between you all as you get the time to discuss things apart from the daily humdrum routine. Being a mother, you can take this opportunity to relax in your home before visiting the restaurant, knowing fully well that you will not have to prepare food and will have to clean the cutlery post dinner.

Wholesome enjoyment

Your husband will have the opportunity to replenish his clogged mind. Your kids will find this outing far better than viewing the same sitcoms or cartoon shows on the TV. If this is not enough, a trip to these restaurants acts as an aphrodisiac for you and your hubby. Do not worry about the bill as quite a few of these Portrush restaurants charge much less than what you would have paid for a similar type of food at a local restaurant. At the end of the day, all of you will feel rejuvenated and feel like visiting the Portrush restaurants on a frequent basis.